Warriors Research Institute

For more than a decade, WRI has been involved in a wide array of empirical research studies aimed at improving care for warriors from a variety of fields.

Warriors Research Institute, a research center within the Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, strives to improve the quality of care available to military veterans and emergency responders via a program of scientific inquiry.

We develop and disseminate new treatments for those suffering the sequelae of toxic or traumatic work events. In addition to providing and evaluating state-of-the-art experimental treatments, we train future generations of treatment providers in evolving evidence-based care.

  • Participants Needed

    If you are a veteran, firefighter, EMT, paramedic, or family member of a veteran dealing with issues such as depression, anger, anxiety, substance use or post-traumatic stress, you may be eligible for no-cost, online treatment through tele-mental health.

Our Projects

Jobs and Practicums

The Warriors Research Institute is committed to training future generations of treatment providers in evolving evidence-based care. If you are interested in becoming a postdoctoral fellow or are looking for a practicum placement, please contact us.

Current Projects

Our team is dedicated to producing high quality research and service-delivery projects aimed at improving care for warriors from a variety of fields.

Completed Projects

 Previous studies conducted by the WRI were made possible by grant funding from a variety of sources, including FEMA and NIMH.

Our Research Team

Suzy Bird Gulliver, PhD

Director and Chief

Elizabeth Coe, PsyD

Assistant Investigator


The Warriors Institute works with various experts from around the country in behavioral and mental health, civil servant and military fields.

Internship Opportunity

The Baylor Excellence in Applied Research (BEAR) Program is an internship program that provides Baylor University students practical mental health research experience. Topics of research at the WRI include substance use, PTSD, suicide, stigma, telehealth and mTBI in first responders and veterans.


  • Junior or senior undergraduate student at Baylor University
  • Psychology or neuroscience major preferred
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Completed the following courses:
    • Statistics (PSY 2402)
    • Research Methods (PSY 2405)
  • Able & willing to commit 7-10 hours per week for at least 2 semesters

How to Apply

 Send a completed application and resume to Michelle.Pennington@BSWHealth.org

Download application

Responsibilities include:

  • Data entry/cleaning
  • Data management
  • Literature searches
  • Author articles for quarterly newsletter
  • Maintain/update WRI library
  • Screen participants for eligibility into current studies
  • Coordinate research materials
  • Review/edit manuscripts
  • Participation in weekly staff meetings
  • Poster project - Interns will have the opportunity to create an original poster using existing data to present at Academic Operations Research Days.

Benefits include:

  • Extensive research experience in mental health field
  • Poster authorship
  • Experience using SPSS
  • Experience in grantsmanship
  • Mentorship in creating curriculum vitas
  • Mentorship in writing personal statements
  • Develop connections in the mental health field
  • Opportunity to gain recommendations from mentors

  • Tessa Denman — Spring 2016
  • Paulina Devora — Fall 2016
  • Sara Frank — Spring 2017
  • Ilse Vielma — Spring 2017 - Fall 2017
  • Madeleine Terblanche — Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
  • Bailey Hollier — Summer 2018 - Fall 2018
  • Emily Pendleton — Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
  • Katherine Nesbitt — Fall 2019 - Spring 2021
  • Ella Schillaci — Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
  • Kristy Hoffman Fall 2020 – Spring 2022
  • Kyle Fall 2020 – Spring 2022
  • Ashley Kim Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

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The 25 Live with Jim Burneka

Warriors and Wellness Podcast

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We want to hear from you if you are interested in partnering with us or if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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