• We are one of the leading research centers for clinical and translational research in the US

    Our team network of physicians, laboratory scientists, research nurses, research coordinators, data analysts and regulatory specialists support a comprehensive portfolio of clinical, translational and retrospective research across 50 specialty areas.

About Baylor Scott & White Health Research Institute

Baylor Scott & White Research Institute (BSWRI), one of the leading research centers for clinical and translational research in the U.S., is the dedicated research and development arm for Baylor Scott & White Health. BSWRI brings together the critical infrastructure and operational resources needed to safely, and effectively, conduct innovative patient-centered research across the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in Texas.

Our diverse portfolio of patient-facing research and clinical trials ensures that innovation and education stays at the forefront of our care.

Any person, regardless of title or position, who participates in the design, coordination, conduct, or reporting of research on behalf of Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) or any of its Controlled Affiliates must follow the BSWH Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest in Research.

We want to hear from you if you are interested in collaborating with us or if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Medical Journal

Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings is a peer-reviewed general medical journal that presents clinical articles of interest to practitioners, including original research, review articles, historical articles, editorials, case studies, and book reviews. 

Clinical Trials

Nearly 2,000 clinical trials are actively underway throughout our System each year. To see if there is an available study that is right for your patient, visit our clinical trials database or contact one of our clinical trials offices.

Research Centers

More than 600 research team members work at bespoke BSWRI research centers, as well as through programs led by research teams at hospitals and clinics throughout the Baylor Scott & White Health System.


Baylor Scott & White Research Institute's strength and success stems from the critical infrastructure we make available to researchers and inventors. We bring promising ideas forward, nurture their growth, and oversee the administering of safe and thorough research at sites across the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in the state of Texas.

The regulatory office enhances regulatory compliance in accordance with internal and external guidelines and assist investigators and research staff in the preparation and submission of study related regulatory documents. Prior to study initiation and throughout the course of the study, the Regulatory Office provides administrative support by ensuring the completion and proper filing of appropriate IRB submissions and required regulatory documentation to all external entities.

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Baylor Scott & White Research Institute Scientific Research Cores are dedicated to facilitating basic, clinical and translational research by fostering collaboration among researchers and the larger scientific and clinical community. The Scientific Research Cores provide access to state-of-the-art research tools, instruments, technologies, services, training, and expert consultation for investigators, optimizing the quality and efficiency of research.

Our resources include:

  • Research staff of 500+, including coordinators, quality and compliance leads, contracts specialists and others
  • Bespoke lab and testing facilities, including
  • A Genomics Core lab, which enables work such as DNA/RNA extraction and sequencing
  • Advanced bioinformatics and biostatistics resources that support data extraction and analysis, module development, longitudinal modeling, funding and publication support, among other critical tasks
  • A Flow Cytometry resource lab, which provides all flow cytometry cell analysis and cell sorting services
  • The Luminex® Core, which is certified by the federal government for accuracy and reproducibility, which is critical for clinical trial monitoring
  • The BPM core laboratory, which is classified as a Bio Safety Level 2 lab (BSL-2) enabling handling of agents associated with human diseases (i.e., pathogenic or infections organisms)
  • A dedicated Center for Metabolomics featuring technology that allows us to identify metabolite biomarkers for early diagnosis of diseases, monitoring disease progression and understanding the biochemical basis to improve treatment strategies
  • An FDA-regulated cGMP manufacturing facility unique to BSWRI and this region featuring two class 10,000 clean rooms, a dozen incubators, and other specialized equipment that allows us to manufacture, test and ship investigational cellular-based therapies and autologous dendritic cell vaccine products for therapeutic use in human phase I/II clinical trials to treat conditions like:
    • Melanoma
    • HIV
    • Pancreatic cancer breast cancer
    • Hematological malignancies such as lymphoma
  • A Clinical Data and Analytics (Tissue Bank) Department that provides statistical support to clinical and research staff.
  • A Tumor Registry that catalogues consented data on various types of cancer diagnosed and/or treated within the Baylor Scott & White system.

Baylor Scott & White Research Institute has a dedicated team of contracts and budget resources to help manage pre- and post-award activities and negotiations with sponsors. The contract process is facilitated by Baylor Scott & White Research Institute.

The contracts’ team core function is to coordinate negotiations and amendments to ensure they are initiated in a timely and efficient manner, and in line with Baylor Scott & White’s procedures and processes. The budget process is carried out by a Research Project Analyst, and that person's key objective is to develop and negotiate budgets for all industry studies.

The project management team handles the post-award management of all research activities. Their duties include reviewing the financial standing of active studies, meeting with study personnel to discuss outcomes or financial review, and billing activities related to research subjects. The staff is comprised of a mix of research managers, project analysts and research billing specialists.

The grants team assists investigators with the submission of research grants to external funding agencies. They provide administrative support by ensuring the timely and accurate submission of grant applications to external entities.

Research Business Development

Baylor Scott & White Research Institutes collaborates with physicians, investigators, staff and external parties, such as pharmaceutical companies, universities and government entities, to identify and realize research business opportunities.

Research Administration

Michael Mack, MD

Chairman of the Board, BSWRI

Alejandro “Alex” Arroliga, MD, MSc, FCCP, FACP

Chief Clinical Innovation Officer,
Baylor Scott & White Health

Javed Butler, MD, MPH, MBA

President, BSWRI
SVP, Chief Research Executive, BSWH

Elizabeth H. Cothran, MS, CIP, CHPC, CHRC

Chief Regulatory Officer, BSWRI
Vice President, BSWH

Amy Martin, MBA

Chief Financial Officer, BSWRI and Foundations
Vice President, BSWH

Jennifer M. Thomas, RN, BSN, MS, CCRC

Vice President, Clinical Research Operations, BSWRI

Mitch Dean, JD

Assistant General Counsel & Vice President, BSWH

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