Tissue Bank

Supporting clinical and research staff through consultation and study design

The Clinical Data and Analytics (Tissue Bank) Department was established in 2004 to provide statistical support to clinical and research staff. The staff consult with investigators and the IRB on study design and provide study results. Additionally, they support data management on specimens and data form design.

Study Design

The Tissue Bank is most beneficial to the PI when engaged before the study or experiment is designed. Tissue Bank staff meet with investigators in the early stages of the development of a research study to discuss the design, including estimating required sample size, storage protocols and the statistical methodology to be used in the study data.

Data Management

Data managers also consent patients, allowing for the collection and storage of their tissue. Completed forms are keyed into a secure database, and the keyed data is passed through several quality assurance steps to ensure completeness and accuracy of study data.

Data Analysis

Staff perform data analysis and compile written reports describing the analyses. For peer-reviewed articles, statistical sections to describe the study design and analysis methods are provided.