EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link securely connects Baylor Scott & White community-based affiliates to select patient information in our Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

With EpicCare Link, affiliate providers can:

  • Access patients’ medical records at Baylor Scott & White — Affiliate providers providing care can access medical records, which can improve the quality of care for the patient.
  • Securely send HIPAA compliant messages to Baylor Scott & White providers
  • Request referrals and upload documents — Affiliate providers can request and follow a referral in real time as well as submit documents electronically.
  • Order radiological testing — Affiliate providers can request specific imaging and receive secure access to the radiologist's assessment of the resulted images
  • Review billing information — Affiliate providers who admit patients in a Baylor Scott & White inpatient facility can have their billing staff review clinical documentation to verify client billing is accurate and supported. This feature may be utilized for coding and charge reconciliation.

Affiliate providers may include: referring providers, referred-to providers, contracted providers, support staff delegates and employers.

EpicCare Link for Post-Acute Facilities

Post-acute entities that interact with Baylor Scott & White Central Texas discharging facilities can apply for a customized EpicCare Link access that allows them to accept and deliver secure communications electronically.

With EpicCare Link, nurses, managers, and physicians at post-acute facilities can:

  • Electronically accept discharge placement requests sent from Baylor Scott & White case management
  • Access patients’ medical records at Baylor Scott & White, which can improve the quality of care for the patient
  • Securely send HIPAA compliant messages to Baylor Scott & White case managers
  • Upload documents, after HIM approval, to the patient’s BSWH medical record

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Help Desk

For help accessing and navigating EpicCare Link, email EpicCareLink@sw.org or call 800.880.0165.

Request Access

Apply is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Download and electronically complete the request for employee access to EpicCareLink for an external organization (Post-acute facilities should complete the post-acute access version of this form)
  2. Review Baylor Scott & White EpicCare Link HIPAA training and complete the electronic medical record access agreement
  3. Email (preferred method) or fax this information to the appropriate approval entity below

Please send your request to only one approval group.

Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance (BSWQA) Members

Email:  BSWQAinfo@baylorhealth.edu
Fax:  214.265.3781
Call: 214.265.3744

Non-BSWQA Members in North Texas

Email: HIMMedicalRecords@BSWHealth.org
Fax: 214.818.9781
Call: 469.800.8161

Non-BSWQA Members in Central Texas

Email:  PhysicianRelations@BSWHealth.org
Fax:  800.342.5540
Phone: 254.724.8559

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