Tumor Registry

Informing public health decisions and providing rich information for cancer diagnosis and treatment education

The Baylor Scott & White Research Institute Tumor Registry catalogues consented data on various types of cancer diagnosed and/or treated within the Baylor Scott & White system. These data are then used to inform select public health decisions and provide rich information for cancer diagnosis and treatment education.

The information collected is not limited to the episodic information contained in the healthcare facility record. Staff bridge also capture a complete summary of the patient’s disease from diagnosis through their lifetime. The abstract, or summary, provides an ongoing account of the cancer patient’s history, diagnosis, treatment and current status.

Data Utilization

  • Evaluate patient outcome, quality of life, satisfaction issues and implement procedures for improvement.
  • Provide follow-up information for cancer surveillance.
  • Calculate survival rates by utilizing various data items and factors.
  • Evaluate efficacy of treatment modalities
  • Provide information for cancer program activities.
  • Analyze referral patterns.
  • Develop educational programs for health care providers, patients and the general public.

Education and Community Outreach

  • Provide cancer prevention and screening information at Vasicek Cancer Treatment Center Cancer Resource center (room C124), community events, and through internal and external publications and websites.
  • Annual cancer-screening event every fall offers free breast, prostate and skin screenings to our uninsured community.
  • Tobacco cessation programs and information are also a major focus for our educators.

Services Provided

  • Benchmarking services
  • Monitor quality of care and clinical practice guidelines
  • Assess patterns of care and referrals
  • Monitor adverse outcomes including mortality and co-morbidity

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Tumor Registry
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