Research Studies and Other Projects

Our team is dedicated to producing high quality research aimed at improving care for warriors from a variety of fields.

For more than a decade, the Warriors Research Institute team has been involved in a wide array of empirical research studies. Our current work is listed below along with details about our completed projects. Previous studies conducted by the WRI were made possible by grant funding from a variety of sources, including FEMA and NIMH.

If you are interested in participating in any WRI studies or if you have any questions or ideas for future research avenues, please contact us.

Current Projects

Statewide Evidence-Based Telehealth Treatment
Project ACCESS: Expanding Evidence-Based Treatment via Telehealth to Fire Service
COMBUST: COVID Occupational Measures of Burnout and UnderStaffed Teams
Knowledge and Perceptions of Women Veteran Cardiovascular Risk Among Primary Care Providers
Developing Emotional Regulation Skills for Peer Support Specialists
Big Bend Mental Health Initiative
PEER UP: Peer Delivered, Emotion Regulation-Focused Mental Health Prevention Training for Fire Fighter Trainees
FIREPROOF: Fire service Initiated Research Evaluating Peer support Resilience, Outreach, Outcomes, & Fidelity

Completed Projects

Stamp Out Stigma: A National Campaign to Decrease Stigma and Increase Behavioral Health in Fire Service
Vet PaTHs 2: Expanding Peer Support and Telehealth for Central Texas Veterans and Their Family Members
Vet PaTHs: Building Peer Support and Telehealth for Central Texas Veterans
First Responder Couples Resilience Project
Evaluating the Efficacy of Peer Support Training and Supervision for Texas Firefighters
Identifying Frequency of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) in Firefighters
Rapid Grant
ASD Grant
Recovery High School in McLennan County