Gas Vas™ Nitrous Oxide

New sedation technique used for urology procedures

Urologists at Baylor Scott & White Health have a new tool to keep your patients comfortable during procedures. Surgeons are now using The Gas Vas™ nitrous oxide analgesia to keep patients sedated during vasectomies and other procedures.

About the Procedure

Until recently, mainly dentists have used nitrous oxide. But new research shows it can also be effective during some medical procedures.

By blending N2O with oxygen (O2) and administering it through a gas mixer system, your patients can now receive pain relief quickly and simply in the clinic by breathing through a mask – no injections, atomizers or IV infusions. The gas mixer system, called The Gas Vas™ system, can be used for minimal to moderate pain management in outpatient cases conducted outside the hospital operating room.

What’s even better, using this new system can be quicker and more cost effective to your patients, since OR procedures are more expensive, and the prep and recovery time for OR patients can take hours.

Using this non-invasive procedure in the clinic, instead of in the OR, means your patients can recover quicker, and it allows us to manage their pain while they are still awake.

While The Gas Vas™ system is not an option for all urology patients and procedures, it can be beneficial for some patients undergoing minor procedures.

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