Life in Temple, Texas

  • Located along the I-35 corridor in Central Texas, Temple is conveniently located within 180 miles of 80 percent of Texas’ population.

About Temple

Temple uniquely offers a combination of access to big-city conveniences while maintaining a small-town atmosphere. Temple has also been ranked among the Top 20 Fastest Growing Cities in Texas and one of America's most affordable places of 2015.

Why We Love Temple

"Temple has a great mix of restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls and nice gyms."

"No traffic but close enough to Dallas and Austin when you need a big city."

"Temple is a small town with a lot to do. It's great for families."

Our Community

While boasting central location with convenient access to all major cities in Texas, Temple also has plenty to offer its residents — so there's no need to ever leave home.

Arts and Culture

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Shopping and Dining

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