Faculty Association

The Faculty Association has been created to formally recognize, reward and support the medical staff’s long-term commitment to education, research, and professional development as part of the teaching faculty at Baylor University Medical Center. It is our mission to ensure BUMC’s medical staff have the resources, relationships, and support necessary to provide strong academic environment where both trainees and faculty provide patient care in an educationally challenging, evidence-based, and innovative learning environment.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership include:

  • Exclusive networking and CME events
  • Research resources including funding grants
  • Recognition through White Coat and Faculty Badge
  • Resources for professional development and wellness
  • Networking platform connecting past alumni and current trainees

Funding Opportunities

In an effort to support our members for their time and teaching, we have included a variety of resources to help with professional and personal development.

Grant Funding Application

The BUMC Faculty Association has been provided funds by the BSW Foundation and BUMC, for the purpose of supporting research projects/studies involving Faculty Association members and medical/health professions students, residents, or fellows in training at BUMC. These funding requests are approved by the Faculty Association council in amounts up to $10,000 as funds are available.

To find out more about the Faculty association research grant or how you can apply, please email BUMCFacultyAssociation@BSWHealth.org.

Staff Well-being

We are committed to the well-being of every member of the Medical Education Teaching Community.

This time in your professional career can be extremely challenging, here are a variety of resources to help enhance strategies for resilience and well-being.

Learn more about all these resources below.

Peer Support

Staff Well-Being Assistance During Difficult Life Events

The Peer Support team is here to support you and/or your staff through unanticipated events and difficult times that occur in the workplace with understanding, compassion and confidentiality.

The Peer Support program provides:

  • Qualified individual peer support
  • Active listening and psychological first aid
  • Prevention and education
  • Safe environment with complete confidentiality
  • Assurance that you’re not alone

If you are on the Baylor Scott & White network, you can learn more about the Peer Support program.

For more information, pelase send an email to BUMCFacultyAssociation@bswhealth.org.