Trauma Research Consortium

The Trauma Research Consortium (TRC) focuses on trauma and the psychological conditions resulting from trauma.

The TRC  brings together the efforts of experienced researchers who are experts in the area of trauma. The three founders of the TRC, which began in 2021, are investigators from the Baylor Scott & White Research Institute’s Warriors Research Institute (WRI) in Waco, Texas, and the Trauma Research Center in Dallas.

Our Research


The TRC mission is to increase resilience and enhance the quality of life in trauma survivors across Texas via scholarly collaboration between researchers, treatment providers and community stakeholders.


The vision of the TRC is to mitigate the consequences of trauma exposure through effective early intervention and evidence-based treatment.


Trauma can be defined as an emotional response to a terrible event or series of events. Trauma can be caused by humans, such as through violence, war, and abuse. It can result from vehicle accidents, other mechanical accidents, natural disasters, technological disasters, and other life events.

Our Research Team

Mark Powers, PhD

Director of Trauma Research

Ann Marie Warren, PhD, ABPP

Co-Director of Trauma Research