Visiting Rotations

Completing a Visiting Resident/Fellow Rotation

Welcome to Scott & White. We are glad you chose us to complete a rotation which will contribute to the completion of your residency and/or fellowship.

How to In-Process

In order to begin a visiting rotation at Scott & White Medical Center - Temple, the following steps will need to be completed.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Trina Thompson
Program Administrator I
2401 S. 31st St.
Temple, TX 76508

Phone: 254.724.4320
Fax: 254.724.6317

Establish Agreement between Institutions

Before completing a rotation here at Scott & White, you must provide the sponsoring department with both a Master Affiliation Agreement (MAA) and a Program Letter of Agreement (PLA).

Here are the templates required to complete an agreement:

Complete Required Forms

To facilitate a seamless entry into your role as a visiting resident/fellow at Scott & White and our major participating institution, you will need to completethe following required forms:

Obtain Your Physician-in-Training Permit

In order to receive full admission into Scott & White, each visiting resident must possess a postgraduate training permit issued by the state. If you are a resident rotating with us from out of state, you will need to obtain a rotator permit from the Texas Medical Board. This permit will only be valid for the length of the rotation.

In order to obtain a rotator permit, the home institution of the resident/fellow will need to provide the following to the Texas Medial Board:

  • PIT submission spreadsheet
  • Letter of accountability (from the sponsoring institution's department program director)

The PIT submission spreadsheet should be completed by the coordinator of the home institution. Upon completion, submit spreadsheet to PIT.Application@tmb.state.tx.us

The letter of accountability will be constructed by the sponsoring institution and faxed to the number below. All has to be completed and submitted before a rotator permit is issued.

Items resident/fellow will need to complete the application are as follow:

  • ACGME program number
  • Social security number
  • ECFMG number (if applicable)
  • Start and end dates for your rotation

Physicians in Training Section
P.O. Box 2018
Mail Code 244
Austin, TX 78768-2018
Phone: 512.305.7030 ext. 7141
Fax: 512.305.7009

First Day of Rotation

On the first day of the rotation, you will report to the designated Program Coordinator to receive the following:

  • Temporary badge
  • Call meal card (if taking calls)
  • Parking card Sticker
  • Security access

If the first day of the rotation begins on either a Saturday/Sunday, the resident/fellow will sign for the above items on Friday. On the last day of the rotation, you will return all issued items to the program coordinator. For any items not returned to the program coordinator, the resident will be responsible for the replacement fee.