Nursing Scholarship Program

We support nursing education by providing financial assistance to individuals enrolled in a number of schools of nursing at the associate, baccalaureate and graduate levels of nursing.

Baylor Scott & White Health Nursing Scholarship Program is open to Baylor Scott & White employees and anyone not employed by Baylor Scott & White who has either been accepted or is currently enrolled in a school of nursing.

Eligible degree plans include:

  • LVN to ADN
  • ADN
  • ADN to BSN
  • BSN (accelerated program)
  • BSN (traditional)
  • ADN to MSN
  • MSN
  • BSN to DNP
  • Doctoral programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Must applicants be enrolled in a school of nursing?

Anyone who has either been accepted or is currently enrolled in a school of nursing may apply.

Who funds the program? What does the program pay for? 

Various donors have contributed to these funds to pay for nursing school-related expenses. 

Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

Yes, scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Is there a Baylor Scott & White work commitment upon graduation?

A work commitment is to be determined.

Is the recipient eligible to also apply for tuition reimbursement? 

Recipients who are Baylor Scott & White employees may be eligible to apply since most scholarship awards may not cover the entire amount of school related expenses.

What nursing degree programs are not eligible for a scholarship?

We do not offer scholarships for MSN-FNP or LVN programs. However, employees may be eligible for tuition reimbursement.

2022 Applications

The next application cycle is May 25 – August 25, 2022.

Before starting the online application, please ensure you have downloaded and completed all of the required documents:

    • Unofficial transcript (most current; ensure your name and school’s name are visible)
    • Degree plan
    • Proof of enrollment (letter of acceptance or registration documentation)
    • Completed W9 and ACH forms | Download forms

You will also need a professional, faculty and supervisor/manager reference to complete your application. You will need this information for each reference:

  • Full name
  • Organization
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Contact Naomi Thompson for additional information.

Contact Us

Naomi Thompson
Project Manager III
Baylor Scott & White Nursing Institute
Cell Phone: 254.231.2132 (text messages welcome)

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