Request Clinical Simulation Activity

Clinical Simulation Scheduling Process

The Clinical Simulation team has been working diligently to make sure we meet all your simulation needs.  We have improved our scheduling process and want to share it with you.

  • Fill out our online request *please use the direct phone number of the person coordinating or facilitating the event*.
  • Our Simulation Coordinator will then reach out to you via phone or teams meeting to understand the details of your request.
  • If you have a new event or the current event needs an updated scenario, our program manager is available to assist you.
  • Event requests must be submitted three weeks in advance to ensure proper planning, equipment procurement, and successful delivery of a simulation event.
  • Simulation events now have audio and visual options and can be requested as well.

Requests outside normal operating hours require prior authorization.

For questions or issues:

Julie McNutt, Simulation Coordinator 254-774-1754   

Shelli Ellis, Program Manager 254-774-1752

Important Note

We are unable to accept new simulation events until September 4, 2023. If you have already submitted an eform and have received a confirmation email for simulation events occurring in July or August, your simulation event will still occur. For questions on currently scheduled events, please follow the contact information provided within your confirmation email. Thank you.

Submit Request for an Activity

Cancellation/Change Policy

To cancel or change the original simulation request, notification must be made to: Julie McNutt 254-724 4807, Julie.McNutt@BSWHealth.org or Rebecca Lyon, PA-C, MS 254-724-4923, Rebecca.Lyon@BSWHealth.org.